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Vibroacoustics -
Melt Away Your Stress
Achieve Deep Relaxation
Soothe Body, Mind and Spirit
Feel Balanced, Peaceful and Rejuvenated
Lower Blood Pressure
Manage Pain - and MORE -
Without Meds ...

Daily stress makes our cells acidic, and we tend not to fill the cells up to an optimal oxygen level. These traces of stress are stored as waste products in cells and blood vessels which may, in time, lead to serious consequences for our health. Low frequency sound vibrations through VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) may contribute to clean the cells, increase oxygenation and reduce acidation.

Vibroacoustic tables can help
reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels,
as was reported on CNN - Dec.17, 2004.

Gentle Vibrations can build bone mass and reduce fat according to a new study (Click here).

Existing studies using specific tones, frequencies or music CDs in a Vibroacoustic Tables, Chairs and Mats.

We have been exploring Frequencies
since 1987

InnerSoul Folding Vibroacoustic Sound Massage Table

InnerSoul Folding Sound Massage Table

InnerSoul Liquid Sound Table


InnerSoul Sound Chair

InnerSoul Hydraulic Lift and Stationary
Sound Tables

InnerSoul Sound Mat

Conscious Flight - Vibroacoustic Music
Conscious Flight

Vibroacoustic Resonant Frequency CDs
Colon Frequencies
Meridian Frequencies
Intestine (Digestion) Frequencies
Parkinson's Frequencies

Endocrine System Frequencies
Bladder Resonant Frequencies
Neck and Shoulder, Hip and Knee & Foot
Muscle Frequencies
and more ...

Download PDF List of Our VAT Frequency and Vibroacsoutic Music Tracks


Chicago Tribune Article:
Vibroacoustics and Dealing With Stress

Spa Review Magazine Article

Short Article in Massage Magazine April 2009
By Stephen Deuel

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Inner Sound Journeys

Our Newsletters contain excellent information on
using Sound Tables and Chairs
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Uses for the Vibroacoustic Tactile Sound
Massage Tables and Sound Chairs include:

~ Enhanced Relaxation ~
~ Stress Reduction ~
~ Lower Blood Pressure ~
~ Build Bone, Reduce Fat ~
~ Sound Massage Therapy ~
~ Myofascial Release ~
~ Pain Management ~
~ Parkinson's Spasms & Tremors ~
~ Dealing with Fibromyalgia ~
~ Coping with Autism ~
~ Inner Sound Journeys ~
~Increase Oxygenation~
~Reduce Acidation~
~ Virtual Dolphin Therapy ~
~ Lessen Burnout Rate for Massage Therapists ~
~ Deepened Meditation Levels ~
~ Whole Body Vibration ~
~ Calming Restless Behavior ~
~ Stimulating Creativity ~
~ Ultimate in Sound Therapy ~
~ Physical & Auditory Stimulation ~
~ Enhancing Self Help or Mind Body Tapes & CDs ~
~ Delivering Bio-Acoustic Frequencies to
the Body's Vibrational System ~
~ Mind-Body-Soul Connection ~
~ Recreational Therapy ~
~ Physical Therapies ~
~ Music Therapy ~
~Sound Therapy~
~ VAT Therapy ~
~ Increased Receptivity to Holistic Health &
Alternative Medicine Practices ~

Santa Fe Sound Conference

Our Booth at the 2007 International
Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, NM


Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy is like a
"cellular massage for the body".

"Table has arrived and it is everything I expected and more.
Great job, a work of art for sure!!! I set it up last night and
tried it out myself. It is a much more comfortable table than the (other manufacturer's) table I used when I took my sound
healing workshop" . Kathleen S-T, Cape Cod, MA

"Since my purchase of an InnerSoul Sound Massage Table, my at home clients have doubled by word of mouth. I don't have to work as hard due the relaxing effect of the table has on the clients and many tell me that it is the best massage they have ever had. The table has paid for itself in a few months and I live in a small "spa" town that has over 100 licensed massage therapists". Gail Lago, L.M.T., Hot Springs, AR

"Aloha Stephen! We love the table and have been working with it testing different instruments, CDs, etc. Doug's been making test CDs with different Hawaiian slack key tunings for us to test. It's a wonder-full experience!!"
Mahalo nui, Sandy & Doug - Kauai, H

"Received the table on Tues...It is awesome ... Already have paying clients fighting to get on... You did a great job ...thank you so much ...Le Ann Harling, Golden Sun Healing Arts, Fredericksburg, TX

Stephen Deuel

"I have been working with sound therapies since 1987. My work with sound led me to research and develop a high quality vibroacoustic body work table for my own needs. In the late 1990's, I began manufacturing and refining the tables, taking advantage of new technologies as they have become available. In the tables that we build, vibroacoustic technology is utilized with music and frequencies that introduce deep relaxation and vibrations to the body designed to help the client regain balance and health at a cellular level. Whether you incorporate an InnerSoul Sound Massage Table, Sound Mat, Liquid Sound Table or Sound Chair with sound therapies, physical therapy, pain management, massage, energy work, to balance the chakras, for meditation or to just de-stress after a long day, the results and healings that have occurred have been remarkable. For whatever purpose you utilize the table, the results will be more effective than on a soundless table.
We also have been teaching Higher Consciousness Workshops using Sound for years - see InnerSoulutions.org for more information.
" The intent that I hold when creating one of our InnerSoul Sound Tables is that the consciousness be raised of anyone that experiences it.

For my Inspiration and Motivation, please see the first question in the FAQs.

"I want to thank all of my friends and colleagues throughout the world for their help and insights which have aided my continuing growth. I deeply respect and appreciate all of you."
Stephen Deuel - Member of International Society for VibroAcoustics, Designer of the InnerSoul Sound Massage Table , Liquid Sound Table and Vibro Sound Mat and
Managing Director of InnerSoulutions LLC

Inner Soulutions LLC
455 Barton Dr.
Lewiston, NY 14092

Stephen Deuel

Disclaimer: Nothing on this web site is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition of whatever nature, and shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise. Information on this site is intended to be for educational edification and use only.


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All of our Sound Tables and CDs
in an Easy to Find Format...

Introduction to Vibroacoustics
and Vibroacoustic Therapy Workshop

Lewiston, NY - We will schedule individual training for 1, 2 or 3 people. Please contact us.

New 2016 - Vibroacoustic Book

Stephen Deuel's new book
"Vibroacoustics - Harmonize Yor Life with Sound"
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New Vibroacoustic Music

Violet Flame Mediation

Deep Inner Peace - Vibroacoustic Music
Deep Inner Peace

Inner Alignment - Vibroacoustic Music
Inner Alignment

"Testing is also being done with an unusual kind of massage -- Vibroacoustic Music -- that reduces chronic pain for 40 percent of people." - From: You Docs (Dr. Oz)

A few of our Sound Table Locations

Clinical test results show that treatment with VibroAcoustic Music (VAM) or VibroAcoustic frequencies (VAT) can reduce tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache and nausea by an average of 53.58%

Massage Therapists -
Differentiate yourself from the crowd
Your clients get the best massage of their lives while
you reduce your energy expenditure.
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which has interviews with owners of Sound Tables.

InnerSoul Vibroacoustic Sound Massage Table

Evolution Series
The Next Generation of Sound Tables

Excellent for Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT),
Vibroacoustic Music Therapy (VAM),
Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy® (VAHT),
Sound Therapy or
Sound Massage Therapy

New Advanced Technology Transducers provide
incredibly accurate and smooth sound vibration

What Makes us Different:

Crafted in the USA and individually wired and tested by Vibroacoustic Sound expert Stephen Deuel
~ this means You receive a quality InnerSoul Product to meet Your specific vibroacoustic and sound needs. Our competitors use Asian factories, geared to mass production. We take pride in the creation and quality of each of our products.

Advanced Technology Transducers used in all models of our Tables, Chairs and Mats provide vibrotactile vibration of over 1000 Hz.
~ this means You experience a greater range of very accurate physical vibrotactile vibration felt by the body, making for more complete inter-cellular communication. Our transducers also produce much less heat buildup than inexpensive transducers - excess heat promotes transducer failure.

Full Spectrum Audible Sound is provided by these transducer
~ this means You will enjoy listening to quality sound.

InnerSoul Product Line includes: Hydraulic, Stationary & Folding Tables; Mats, Chairs and Water - Sound Tables.
~ this means You can choose what best meets your needs.

Personalized Service Before & After Purchase
~ this means You get answers to your questions, help with set up and information on Vibroacoustic applications.

Options in Color, Vinyl Type, Memory Foam and extended Audio Packages
~ this means You have control over how Your InnerSoul Product looks, feels and can function.

CD Music Sampler & choice of our Vibroacoustic Resonant Frequency CDs included with your purchase
~ this means You get started quickly with viable music and Resonant Frequencies options.

Global Clientele and 20+ Years Experience in Alternative Sound, VA Therapy, Energy Therapies and Higher Consciousness Workshops at InnerSoulutions.org
~ this means You benefit from our interaction, as we share our experience in this field.

Years of Testimonials from
Satisfied Clients

  • Spa Series Sound Tables
    - Next generation Hydraulic Lift Spa Package Table
    - Set up and Staff Training
  • Retrofit Kits for your Massage Table
    - 2, 3, 4 New Technology Transducer Kits
    - Individual New Technology Transducers
  • Dog VAT Mat
    - Work with frequency cds and MP3s
  • Enhance Your Quality of Life
    Simply Lie Back, Close Your Eyes and
    Let the Music Take You Away
    In Minutes Emerge Refreshed, Calm and Balanced
    Ready to Enjoy Life!

    Sound Chair

    "I have been creating Sound Tables since the 1990's and have used or tested most of the transducers that exist today. The transducers that we use are the best that I have come across. These vibrotactile transdcuers are capable of producing more than enough tactile vibration, put out good sound, are very accurate (they reproduce frequencies accurately), they stay cool at low frequencies (something that is not common with other transducers) and they are extremely high quality. They also require less power from an amplifier than many others while producing cleaner vibration - they do not have to be "loud" to produce the proper vibration in the tables, which means that the sound does not have to intrude on rooms other than where you are working. We use professional amplifiers which match up to these transducers very well. The amplifier we use can be run while pushing out low frequencies without overheating."
    - Stephen Deuel, Managing Director


    What does Vibroacoustics do for you?

    Vibroacoustic equipment produces an effect by which physical vibrotactile vibrations are felt by your body when the device is connected to a sound source. They bathe you with relaxing, healing vibrations and encapsulate you in soothing sounds as your stresses melt away. These tables, chairs and mats vibrate at a variety of speeds at the same time, due to the different vibrational rates of each note in a piece of music. Vibroacoustics stimulates the muscles, increases blood flow and moves fluid throughout the body. The use of Vibroacoustics triggers the Relaxation Response in the body naturally, without prescription drugs. This results in decreased muscle tension, a lowered heart rate and blood pressure, a deeper breathing pattern, calming of the stomach, and a peaceful, pleasant mood.

    The vibroacoustic tactile sound massage tables and Sound Chairs are VAT or VAM equipment that can incorporate music into them which permeates the table and the body, gently introducing the body to a deeper state of relaxation. This deepened state of relaxation allows for more receptivity to any healing modality or meditation. The Sound Tables, Mats and Chairs are also excellent for Whole Body Vibration.

    The type of Vibroacoustic Music (or VAM) played in the sound massage table as well as the quality of the transducers will determine the effect that you feel.

    The use of CD's specifically designed to promote relaxation and/or reduce stress, to induce various brainwave states, for meditation practices, to clear emotional blockages and balance the chakras or to use electronically reproduced frequencies to address specific physical disorders with bioacoustics may all be incorporated into the personalized sound therapy treatments. Beyond the benefits of hearing these sounds, experiencing them through a table, actually feeling them, allows the body to integrate these frequencies at deeper levels.

    The use of CDs specifically designed for VAT therapy (Vibroacoustic Therapy) which are based upon low frequency sinusoidal waves can be used effectively with our equipment - Sound Tables, Sound Chairs, Sound Mats and VAT Pillows.

    For more information on how the body perceives sound, click here.

    Testimonials ...

    "Just got the table and I have to say I am very impressed.
    Great workmanship... worth every penny of the price . I can't tell you all of the amazing remarks I get about the table. My clients really zone out and have some incredible experiences.  It is incredible, it makes things happen and gets things moving - clients Know it and Feel it.   Your table is wonderful.
    Thanks Again", Tim Janak, LMT, Houston, TX - www.pathsinhealing.com - Click for Newsletter Interview

    "It is amazing! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. Also your instructions were so easy, I had it set up in no time. I do find that all therapies are enhanced and responses are much quicker when done on the sound table. I think that the relaxation of the vibration and the sound helps the patient's central nervous system and creates the rest and repair or parasympathetic healing response."
    Dr. Nance MacLeod, Ontario, Canada

    "...client, who has Parkinson's and has been seeing Patty for massage - His tremors stopped while he was on the table and Patty reported that she achieved a deeper level of MF release." ED Laningham, AR

    "I work with a dear woman who?s in her late 70?s. She has a very progressive stage of Parkinson?s. She is very uncomfortable due to uncontrollable shaking which gives her muscle cramps and fatigue and loss of balance and body control. Last week I could tell she had an attitude of defeat and all of her energy systems were not flowing well. I had her lie on the table and she relaxed immediately. I think the only relief she receives is on the table. Do you know that she never shakes at all when she?s on the table! For that alone the table was worth the expense." Kristin, TN

    "Hi, Stephen - ... we met at the Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe in 2006, and I eventually purchased a sound mat.
    Just thought I'd let you know that I use it very often in my work
    as a psychotherapist and find it extremely helpful with clients dealing with anxiety, stress, chronic pain, depression,
    and general "don't feel good." I don't have enough data to constitute "research" -- very low "N" -- but some good anecdotal information that leaves me convinced that the incorporation of sound healing into psychotherapy is very effective. My next step:
    a chair..." Anne R. Bewley, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, NH

    "The InnerSoul Sound Table serves as a massage on a cellular or energy level. The vibrations resonate and trigger our electrical/cellular/ energetic levels. It is almost as though your energetic vibrational frequency synchronizes with, or at least changes while feeling the music and its vibrations."
    Paul Lorenz, Teacher/ Musician, St. Catharines, Ontario

    Click for more feedback from Sound Table owners.