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  • This issue of the newsletter features an interview with Tim JaneK, RMT, a short article by Olav Skille on on the effect of varying the speed of amplitude waves in VAT, as well as the featured CD of the month.

    Every Newsletter will have a short article or interview with a therapist or spa who uses a Tactile Sound Massage table in their work. The intent is to share ideas of how their rooms are set up, what music they use, etc. We have lined up a number of practitioners from around the globe who will be sharing information with the rest of the world. If you would also like to share with the group, please conact me by email.

    Stephen Deuel
    Managing Director
    Inner Soulutions LLC

    Sound Massage Interview
    Table with connectors

    Tim Janek, RMT

    Healing Path Bodywork, Houston, TX

    • Instructor at the Phoenix School of Holistic Massage
    • Nationally Licensed and State Registered Massage Therapist
    • Trained in Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Work, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release and Medical Massage
    • Teacher - CEU hours for Massage

    Q - Tim can you share some of the comments and reactions by your clients in regards to their sessions on the Tactile Sound Table?

    A - The Table brings a deeper level of relaxation for all. The amazing thing about the table that I see over and over is that clients get up and make the remark that they are so much more "Alive"or "Vibrant" With certain types of music, I often get guided to stop in a place and just wait and be. As I wait in these areas I feel the tissue change right under my hands. In this area where I felt no vibration, after a time, I start to feel it become alive with vibration. Vibration and energy appears to do all the work. After the session the person makes a comment like, "Wow did you feel all that" or "I really felt something dissolve and move out". The comments are endless.

    Q -And how has owning the Tactile Sound Table changed things for you?

    A - As to what it does to me, every time I work with a person I experience work on myself through the table. After sessions I come out buzzing, and by the end of a long day I still have lots of energy. I have come to realize that as I am working with people on the Tactile Sound Table, I am also being affected by the vibration of the table. This leaves me with more energy and with a peaceful sense of being.

    Q - So Tim, does the sound table help you do the massage?

    A - The table opens a gateway to let the massage effects in to a deeper level. What I sense happens is that when I exert pressure into the fascial and connective tissue these bands and sheets pull tight. As I wait the vibration comes through and starts to gently encourage the tissue to let go. I tend to like to use music that has various types of vibration at the beginning of the session and then finish with music that provides a more constant type of vibration. I sense that the tissue at first expands, elongates, opens and as time goes on with the shift of vibration, the tissue seems to almost take on a more "fluid level" where it feels more pliable, lengthened, and softened. All of this requires very little movement on my part, the vibration does that majority of the work.

    Q - What kind of setup do you have with your table?

    A - With the table, I also have a small external stereo system so that I can play a separate vibration through the table and a musical CD through the external system. My plans are to upgrade to a Surround System in the near future to envelope the person on the table with vibration.

    Q - What music do you like to use?

    A - I use a variety of music throughout the session. Before every session I ask for guidance on what music to bring in. It is different every time, the experience is different every time. My collection consists of: The "Liquid Mind" Series of Chuck Wild - Unity, Balance and Spirit CDs; Janalea Hoffman's Musical Acupuncture and Musical Biofeedback II; Astarius - Dream Awake and Ascension Current. Also I use Therasound's - Harmonizer and Musical Body collection and Visionary Music's - DNA Activation Series and others.

    Q - Tim, has your table increased your Client base?

    A - Yes it has. I book up almost a week ahead of time. My fees have gone up and usually even with the fee increase people will gift me more. My range and types of client have also changed. It is all very interesting.

    Q - Tim is there anything else you would like to share with us?

    A - I would like to say thanks for this opportunity for sharing my experiences with the vibration table. Personally, I would like to see more therapists work them. I can only tell you of some the experiences of clients. The list is long and has many variations. I think sound and vibration is a modality that has a huge part in bodywork of all types. Just being outside and experiencing the light brushing effects of the wind effects not only our skin but it also creates a gentle vibration that is resonated all thru the body. Think of when you throw a pebble into a calm pool of water and you watch the waves that were created by this pebble. The waves of motion expand all the way across the pool. Likewise I invite to think about the effects of vibration expanding into the body, through all the muscles, blood vessels, nerves, viscera, connective tissue, cells and even into the depths of a cell and finally into the DNA and the very essence of the DNA energy. The ripple goes on and on. What effect would this have on a body????

    It all goes back to the statement that "Movement is Life". Movement is about vibration and vibration is about energy. All this appears to be about what our "Innerself" or "Spirit" is composed of. If I can seek to be a facilitator that can provide a conduit back to this "Innate Intelligence" that exist in every human being, maybe the vibration and energy can resonate and awaken a part of the body which seeks to be awakened and healed.


    Tim, thank you so much for your time and for sharing with us today. You can reach Tim Janak through his email timjanak@sbcglobal.net or by phone at 281-352- 3611. Also check out his website www.pathsinhealing.com

    Vibroacoustic Therapy
    An Article by Olav Skille

    The Effect of Varying the Speed of Amplitude Variation in VAT

    "VAT is essentially the application of one single frequency to the body for 23 minutes (standard length). In order not to make an "overload" to the body I use amplitude variations. During the years I have tried many time intervals between the peaks. Some patients feel that the intervals interfere with their natural breathing. The reason patients feel this is usually a defense mechanism in those patients who are too attached to their muscular "shield" of mental and physical protection. They fear loosing control and letting the VAT "envelope" the body's automatic reactions to change we are exposing them to. One way to treat such patients is to make long amplitude peak intervals, so they can predict both peaks and silent phases intellectually. They will still experience the massage, but not with the total relaxation the normal peak-to-peak rhythm will provide. In order to assist the various levels of personal comfort in patients, I make the CDs with three different amplitude ratios. This means each frequency is standardized now in three amplitude variations. I can also make amplitude variations according to individual specifications. The frequencies can be ordered in short - long or extremely long amplitude intervals. The base frequencies in Hz will still be the same unless you order special frequencies adapted to your needs." - Olav

    Vibroacoustic Therapy referred to as VAT has a physical element that is more profound than most other therapies that use music and sounds as therapeutic medium. Music and the massaging frequencies are transferred directly to the body of the client who is lying on a massage table which is equipped with transducers.

    VAT Sound Therapy equipment produces an effect by which physical vibrations are felt by your body when the device is connected to a sound source. They bathe you with relaxing or healing vibrations and encapsulate you in soothing sounds as your stresses melt away. Vibroacoustic tables can vibrate at a variety of speeds at the same time, dueto the different vibrational rates of each note in a piece of music.

    Vibroacoustic Therapy uses sinusoidal, low frequency (30 - 120 Hz), waves alone or blended with music, for therapeutic use. The soothing vibrations will relax muscles and enhance circulation as the waves move throughout the physical body.

    The principle of Vibroacoustic Therrapy and method of application were publicly described for the first time in 1982 by Olav Skille at the first ISFMM symposium. By 2001, therapists had collected data from more than 40,000 hours of practical use of VAT.

    Featured Tactile Sound Music CD

    Musical Acupunture - Janalea Hoffman

    This is an excellent CD for use in the Tactile Sound Tables and is wonderful for massage, stress release and relaxation.

    "Janalea's Musical Acupuncture gives me the same comforting, tingling feeling I get with laughing gas at the dentist's office." - Therapist

    "I work with teenagers, age 13-17, that are inpatients in a hospital for behavioral problems, and attention deficit disorder. These kids have great difficulty relaxing. I introduced them to musical acupuncture and much to their surprise, the music calmed them down. Now they request it. I find my groups more manageable when I play this CD." - Recreation Therapist, K.C., MO

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