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Vibroacoustic Music - VAM


Our Vibrational Frequency CDs work great with Sound Tables, Vibro Sound Mats and
Sound Chairs

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) Frequencies are used in Vibroacoustic devices such as Sound Tables, Loungers, Mats, Chairs or VAT Pillows. Vibroacoustic Therapy is a drugless, non-invasive approach addressing physical, mental and emotional aspects, increasing quality of life. The body is massaged with low frequency vibrations which are transmitted through the use of special transducers. The vibrations permeate the body, engaging the body to create a sympathetic resonance with the energetic frequency waves provided in the CD.

VAT offers multiple benefits and has been documented to stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress, anxiety and its analgesic effect aids in pain management. It lowers blood pressure and calms the autonomic nervous system and decreases spasms and tremors (Parkinson's, Dystonia), helping to enhance the quality of life. It provides surface and deep tissue massage effects. VAT has also been found to aid with lungs conditions such as Asthma, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis. Repeated sessions have shown cumulative positive effects. For more information on VAT, please see our Resources Page.

We have been working with VAT frequencies since the 1990's and VAT has been researched around the world for over 30 years. I thank Olav S. of Norway, the "Father of Vibroacoustics", for mentoring me in the use and development of vibroacoustic frequencies.

Using the Frequency CDs  

Choose the frequencies you will be using and the sound source. Lie on the Sound Table or Mat, sit in the Sound Chair or place the VAT Pillow in the area you would like to address. VAT has a sensory and brain stimulating effect that is calming and anxiety reducing when used at low levels. Very often, “Less is More” for volume levels. 

Frequency CDs are available on CD, which we will ship to you
or as hi-bit rate MP3 (256 kbs) which you can download.
$29.95 each
Shipping cost outside the US is kept to a minimum.

Click to download a listing of our VAT and Vibroacosutic Music Tracks on PDF

I wrote a short article showing how easy it is to integrate an excellent, inexpensive
Mixer with your Sound Table, Mat or Chair which allows you to use
VAT Frequencies with any music you like.
Please click here to see the article.

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Inner Soulutions Vibroacoustic Music

Conscious Flight - Vibroacoustic Music

Conscious Flight
Vibroacoustic Music

Vibroacoustic Music - A 45 minute journey into inner peace.
This CD was created for Sound Tables and other Vibroacoustic equipment
by Chris Deuel and Inner Soulutions.
It is an excellent combination of music, sound, VAT (Vibroacoustic) frequencies and binaural beats.
The CD may be used with or without headphones in your Sound Table
(use headphones if you wish to take advantage of the 7 HZ binaural brainwave entrainment).
Its purpose is to relax, entrain the brain down to a Zen meditative state – and let you travel inwardly
while remaining conscious of your travels …
Excellent for stress relief, massage, meditation,
Parkinson's, chronic pain, muscle relaxation and spasms.

This CD is also available with Audiostrobe ©
If you would like to use this version with your Light Glasses,
Please let us know in the "Note" section when ordering
and we will send the Audiostrobe © version.

Conscious Flight © Inner Soulutions 2011

Available as a CD or MP3 (high bit rate - 256 kbs) or FLAC download

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Hi Stephen, I just listened to Conscious Flight on our VAT table and thought I would send you a quick note of appreciation. Wow! Stunned! Wonderful composition for VAT! Congratulations and thanks to you and your son. I hope you create more pieces like that. --Joel, CT

Deep Inner Peace CD

New - Deep Inner Peace - Vibroacoustic Sound Table Music

Created for Sound Tables and other Vibroacoustic equipment by Chris Deuel and Inner Soulutions.

Deep Inner Peace was designed as Vibroacoustic Music. Blended in soft low levels to provide an intimate environment that is less likely to be heard by those in other rooms, such as during a massage. The tuning for the track is 432 Hz.

Excellent for stress relief, massage, meditation, and muscle relaxation.

Composer Chris Deuel writes "Deep Inner Peace was inspired by the vision to produce a piece of music that induces healing and tranquility through the use of pure sounds and love inspired melodies. Musically engineered specifically to take advantage of the unique energy field that is produced by sound tables. The sounds are mixed in a way that is clearly evident to the body that this is not just a piece of music intended to be listened to in headphones, but rather a soothing symphony of vibration intended to envelop you in light and sound revealing to you your inner brilliance! Ultimately, may this music transport you to a Deep Inner Peace."


Deep Inner Peace © Chris Deuel - Inner Soulutions 2014

Available as a CD or MP3 (high bit rate - 256 kbs) download or FLAC

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Inner Alignment Vibroacoustic Music

New - Inner Alignment

Energy Center Clearing and Alignment CD.

This 15 minute CD was created for Sound Tables and other Vibroacoustic equipment
by Chris & Stephen Deuel and Inner Soulutions.

Created with the intention to work up through the major and minor energy centers, from the Earth Star to the Stellar Gateway. The Tibetan Bowl (played by Stephen Deuel) clears and resonantly tunes and aligns this sequence of energy centers to allow for their highest functioning.

Inner Allignment © Inner Soulutions, Chris & Stephen Deuel - 2014

Available as a CD or MP3 (high bit rate - 256 kbs) download or FLAC

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Jill Mattson

All about Sound Healing - Books, CDs and more.

A Spa like CD...beautiful music with frequencies of vitamins, collagen
and the muscles of the face and neck (to tighten them)...quite a nice treat!

Free sound-healing mp3s




"Over twenty years ago, I understood the need for a non-drug alternative to the medical profession's pharmaceutical approach to physical and emotional pain. I set out to create musical experiences that helped to relax the body, release tension and suppressed emotions, create a receptive frame of consciousness and bring about an integration of the body, mind and spirit... ... ... and TheraSound was born"

David Ison, Founder and President of TheraSound

Click here to visit TheraSound



Aleya Dao is a Sound healer form Northern California. We recently created a Sound Mat for her. While we were chatting I mentioned that when we create a Sound Table or Sound Mat for someone, we tune in energetically to them and create it specifically for them. She asked if I would mind playing her CDs to aid in our tuning in during her Sound Mats creation. It was an excellent idea. I played her cds through our Sound Table in our Ascension - Dolphin Sound Healing Room while we were creating her Sound Mat and was delighted that they worked so well in the Sound Table as well as being very high in Healing Vibration. Her "Awaken" CD that she created with Barry Goldstein is wonderful for massage, as well. - Stephen (

"An extraordinary musical recording designed to take listeners away from the stress, troubles and despair of everyday life and into a place of peace, balance and beauty, Awaken is a groundbreaking 41-minute journey to inner awareness driven by a seamless, harmonic blend of mystical, rhythmically driven music, ambient textures, toning and light language."

For more information or to order Aleya's CDs, please visit her web site

Sonic Synergy

Sound as Medicine

This is an excellent new album mixing vibroacoustic frequencies, binaurals and nature with acoustic instrumentation.
It works great in our Sound Table and is incredibly relaxing. - Stephen (

Beyond the Beneath

Beyond the Beneath
An Alpha - Theta Journey

Contemplative acoustic music; 12 string guitar, Shakuhachi Flute, Cello and Vocals with sound healing technologies.

"Beyond the Beneath helps encourage Alpha - Theta brainwave states, known for many beneficial effects. These can include profound relaxation, improved sleep, reduced pain, inner peace, balanced emotions, mental clarity, physical well-being, imune system stimulation, access to the subconscious, deeper intuition and inspiration."

For more info or to order this CD,
Please click here to go to Sonic Synergy's web site.


Astarius has Created this Music with the powerful intention to activate multi levels of Healing. In the beginning was Sound by which all things are Created! Sound is the access code, the bridge between Heaven and Earth. On these CDs, Astarius plays several instruments. His main expression is through the Didgeridoo and Vocal Harmonics. The Didgeridoo (an ancient wind instrument from the tribal Aborigines of Australia) produces multi leveled low and high tones, voices within voices reflecting Eternity (Everyone, Everywhere, Everywhen). While playing the Didgeridoo Astarius breathes in and out at the same time (circular breathing) producing continuous Sound with no pause. Through His Music He channels the Breath of God to activate Our Eternal Nature. Astarius also uses Vocal Harmonics to produce more than one tone simultaneously. These Vocal Harmonics consist of a fundamental low tone with high overtones, which activates the marriage between Spirit and Body. The Low Tone grounds the body while the High Overtones (as Spirit) lift the Body on Winged Songs of Ascension.

We met Astarius at the Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe. After giving sessions for 4 days to others, he lay down on our Tactile Sound Table and put in his "Sonic Ascension" CD. We decided that if you don't happen to live next to Astarius, the Sound Table is the next best thing. We enjoy Astarius' "Sonic Ascension" and "Echoes of Eternity" CDs. He has a new CD forthcoming - "Angel Trumpets" which by all reports works great in our Sound Tables. Wonderful VAM

To purchase Astarius' CDs at his web site, click here.

Relaxation Music

Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind

"I originally wrote the music of Liquid Mind to help myself and my friends and family dealing with the anxiety & stress of working long hours and many jobs to support their families, and also for friends and family dealing with the stress of life-threatening illnesses like cancer & HIV. The Liquid Mind albums seem to have an immediate "slowing down" effect on the listener, and may also help people get to sleep, and calm down after a tension-filled day. The ultimate compliment to me is that people fall asleep or deeply relax to my music. This is functional music; it serves the purpose of assisting us to be tranquil, when that may not be easy in today's world. That is why the compositions are longer than normal, and very slow in tempo. This music is very special to me. It is my labor of love. I hope you enjoy it." Excellent VibroAcoustic Music - VAM

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Liquid Mind VI

Liquid Mind IV

Liquid Mind IV


Personal Attunement Music
Brian E. Paulson

"Brian E. Paulson is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist whose music has reached people throughout the world.

His vast knowledge of studio techniques as well as MIDI technology has allowed him to create unique sonic sculptures using digital samplers, synthesizers, and a huge collection of world instruments such as gongs, the Australian didgeridoo, Mayan flutes, African kalimbas, Native American flutes, and instruments of his own design.

Brian's ongoing research and musical projects are focused on the advancement of music as a powerful tool for the enrichment of one's mental, physical and spiritual well-being. In particular, music that affects coherency of the human energy field, which plays a very important part in the well- being of each and every one of us. For Brian's home page and other albums of his, click here.

We have been using Brian's "Pulse of Life" and "Arc of Light" for years in our Sound Table - Excellent :)

Brian recently sent me his new album "Deep Release" - "For the deep release of emotional ans physical trauma". I have used it a few times for myself personnaly and have found that no matter what the stressors are, I go through the next few days in excellent balance. I highly recommend it. - Stephen Deuel, Managing Director, Inner Soulutions LLC.

"To develop a synergistic approach for stimulating the different senses, I am using music that correlates with the upper octaves of color and fragrance.""

We tried out Brian's new "Harmonic Bliss" during a recent massage here in our Healing Room. My wife and I both loved it - it helps you get to the state that the title suggests. Our massage therapist ordered a copy, feeling that even her "traditional" clients would find this CD wonderful. This is excellent VAM or Vibroacoustic Music.


Shapeshifter / Visionary Music

DNA Activation Music -- From the deepest space within, waveforms of a higher implicate order resonate the codes within the DNA, unfolding the magic and wonder of all that you truly are. This 4-CD set is a powerful channeling of original soundscapes created with the intent to activate the codex within the DNA, the bridge between the multiple dimensions of matter and the Divine. Special $5.00 Off DNA Series (includes 4 CDs & Companion Guide - use coupon code "vibro" for discount). These CDs are excellent for use with the tables.

Shapeshifter - ReJuvaAbundance Series: ReJuva - New 2 CD Set - Music Style: Electronic Ambient with some light vocal chanting, lots of modulations and movement to awaken the Body Temple to a higher level of multidimensional Lightbody awareness. Excellent for sound tables, home theatres and headphones.

We used this new CD set in our Energetic Sacred Geometry Workshop this past weekend. It is excellent in our Tactile Sound Massage Tables and also excellent for personal growth. We have been working with Shapeshifter's music since 2000 and are constantly impressed and amazed at the ability of their music to help us to grow along our chosen paths. We often use their music in our Vibrational Technologies sessions in the sound table in our home and both our clients and students have had wonderful experiences with it.

Shapeshifter - Healing

Healing -- Excellent for massage, transformational work, meditation, yoga, , Reiki healing, transpersonal therapy, pastlife regression, rebirthing and all sound healing & therapeutic environments. Gentle and calming for final transition period; play 24/7 in loved ones environment. Expecting mothers and unborns/newly born will love this piece as it bring a state of peace and calmness to the pre and post birthing process. Play in babies room after birth to continue cocooning the baby in these loving frequencies. Excellent to play in background environments and during sleeptime.

Jonathan Goldman

2012: Ascension Harmonics

2012: Ascension Harmonics -- is designed to help awaken listeners through enhancing altered states of consciousness and heightened awareness. Composed of Overtone Chanting, Tibetan bowls and bells, these undulating waves of Healing Sounds® will transform you.. 2012: Ascension Harmonics assists vibrational activation and frequency shifts. The sacred, multi-dimensional harmonic sounds are excellent for enhancing deep states of meditation as well as for shamanic journeys, rituals, and the ascension process.

"This works great in Sound Tables, Chairs and Mats. I use it for going inside in meditation and for massage.
Our massage therapist said that it really allowed her to focus while she was working on me while it was playing
in our Water - Sound Table." - Stephen Deuel


Intestinal Plaque Loosener : Sound Wave Pattern mp3
Howard Richman -

Powerful mp3 instant download provides vibrational complement to colon cleansing programs. You’ve done intestinal cleansing and colon detox for years but feel that you’ve never gotten down to the final layers. This sound wave pattern is an acoustic approach to help loosen the oldest, hardened mucoid plaque.

Click here to go to the Sound Wave Pattern mp3 download page for more info and to download.



Mickey Hart
Planet Drum


Mickey Hart
Planet Drum


Shaman's Healing


Klaus Weise


Zen Breakfast


Stephen Kent




We will be adding more Vibroacoustic Music - VAM - as time goes on. If you wish to suggest music, please email:


Inner Soulutions Vibroacoustic Frequencies

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"The table is a marvel.  A true healer.  The solfeggio frequencies are way powerful, I am surprised — but elated.
 I am personally enjoying the Chakra Frequencies ...
 I love your sub-harm cd’s they are brilliant!!" - Craig G., Los Angeles, CA


I love your CDs, as do many of my patients. We have seen excellent results, especially with the Spinal Vibrational and Sciatica. Your products are healing gifts for the world and I tell many people about them. - Cheryl, Stevens Point Acupuncture, WI


"I already have purchased your "Spinal Frequency CD"in my previous order, and I love it!! ...
Thanks for the great products and service, Stephen!" - Gerald H., Middleton, WI


“I played the Spinal frequencies (from the front) about 2 hours before a chiro appointment.
When they finished I ... played part of the Oxygenation frequencies.
About an hour later I went to the chiro who was amazed at how good my back was.” PTF, Fl


"As one of my clients said to me 'I know you cannot get rid of my arthritis, but the relief I get
after your sessions for days is worth so much to me'.
Am absolutely LOVING the bed still, more every time I use it."


"When my daughter has problems with her intestines we get her on the intestine CD as well as the oxygenation one
(midterms were really stressful) and she seems better almost instantly.
It's brilliant. I think I bless you daily." Roberta, The Oasis, Courtenay, BC


"For the past 2-3 weeks my back has been really hurting. I have about an 11 year old injury. L4, L5,S1 herniations.
I gave myself 2 treatments yesterday on my Sound Table with the spinal frequency, back to back, (pardon the pun)
and I am amazed at the results. My pain is gone. Pure and simple. I had received 4 chiropractic acupressure treatments
and a number of massage treatments but my back just did not want to get better. But, just about an hour of this
frequency and, no pain. Thanks Stephen."

"As you know I am an LMT. I had an appointment scheduled at 5:30pm and I knew I was in trouble.
I did the sound therapy session a couple of hours prior to the appointment and I was able to give the massage
and still have no pain. These sound frequencies are truly remarkable." Dave McAlpine, LMT, TX


"Feedback on CD - I have been playing the Oxygenation CD for everyone. They all seem to love it. I always leave time for them to stay on the table after the massage. Those who are always ready to get up and get on with their lives - remain on the table longer. Those who always stayed a while or staying even longer. I think it is that their bodies are needing what the CD offers and they are just not willing to leave it as quickly as usual. It is a home run in my ball park. Thanks."


"I'm continuing to have excellent results with the Neck and Shoulder CD. Some of my clients go to Strong Women exercise 3 times or more a week. They continue to change their routine and sometimes it gets harder for them. Recently they've been doing an exercise that totally affects their shoulders and now I'm ending my session with them face up with the neck and shoulder CD playing. Often they have been sore after my massage, but they feel the difference that the CD makes. Amazing."


"I used my Knee CD last night and today, my knee felt like I was a young kid. I didn't even know
that it had been bothering me so much, until I didn't have any discomfort." - Trisha Adams. LMT, AR

"I had rheumatic fever when I was 5 yrs old which left me with 2 heart murmurs and joint problems, especially in the knees.
When we moved the office July, 2007, I twisted my left knee that was already having problems and the doctor did an X-ray.
He said the joint was wearing down and now with twisting it, the problems before, and being overweight,
I am putting too much stress on the joint.

Friday, it was hurting and the acupuncture physician did a needle treatment on the left knee on the medial side where it
hurts and my knee quit hurting and since it is hurting again, I am using the frequencies. I am also taking supplements to
rebuild bone and to help the joint as well as now using your knee frequencies.The hurting stops within about
5 minutes using pillow with the knee frequencies.

And, because I have walked differently some days trying not to put pressure on the knee, I have caused my hip joint
to hurt so am beginning to use the hip frequency.

When I go to work and use the sound table for patients, I feel better at the end of the day
than when I start so know the frequencies on the table also help me...
With your new CDs, I am choosing the best to use for the patient." Linda M., LMT, RN, FL

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