Vibroacoustic Sound Massage Table Retrofit Kits


I have been creating Sound Tables since the 1990's and have used or tested most of the transducers that exist today. The transducers that we use are the best that I have come across. They are capable of producing more than enough vibration, put out good sound, are very accurate (they produce frequencies accurately), they stay cool at low frequencies (something that is not common with other transducers) and they are extremely high quality. They also require less power from an amplifier than many others while producing cleaner vibration - they do not have to be "loud" to produce the proper vibration in the tables, which means that the sound does not have to intrude on rooms other than where you are working. We use professional amplifiers which match up to these transducers very well. The amplifier we use can be run while pushing out low frequencies without overheating. The retrofit kits that we create are relatively easy to install and we have gotten excellent feedback from therapists who have used them.

Our Sound Massage Table Retrofit Kits use the same New Technology transducers that we use in our InnerSoul Sound Chairs, Sound Mats and Sound Tables. We do not sell retrofit kits with Aura Transducers, which cost about 10 times less than our transducers, as others do for similar pricing as ours.

I have been asked if a retrofitted massage table will be "just as good" as one of our custom built sound tables. It probably will not be because we custom build our tables for vibroacoustics as well as massage. But, if you want to retrofit your massage table, we can help you with an excellent retrofit kit and instructions and support. We have been custom building Sound Tables for over a decade and have over 300 of our creations on 5 continents (Stephen has been affectionately referred to as "The Table Master"). Everyone's wants and situations seem to be a bit different, so please call or email and we can discuss your needs and the pros and cons of retrofitting your table so that you can go into the project with good knowledge and equipment.

- Stephen Deuel, Member of Sound Healers Assn. and International Society for VibroAcoustics and Managing Director of Inner Soulutions ( / Inner ) - 1 716 524 2349

Vibroacoustic Sound Massage Table Retrofit Kits for your massage table
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We suggest that you maintain your massage table and check fittings and fasteners often after retrofitting your massage table with transducers of any type. We do not warrant, nor are we responsible for the structure of massage tables that we did not create.

"Dear Stephen: Thank you so much for the retro fit kit. My clients and I love it It has been a great addition to my massage therapy practice. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing it because of the technical installation, but you made it easy. The step by step instructions and illustrations that came with it made it simple to install. In peace and harmony," Beth S., IL


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